Create an NFT Collection with Our no-code NFT Maker.

Launch your own NFT collection in just a few clicks, without any fees or coding skills, thanks to NFT Maker Lab
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User friendly NFT Maker

NFT Maker Lab is the ideal solution to create an NFT collection without coding and sell it in your own NFT minting website. Simply upload your layers, manage the rarity and combinations, and let our randomizer service do the rest. With our no-code NFT maker, bring easily your creative vision to life

Create an NFT collection with our NFT maker

  1. Log in to your account or register
  2. Upload your layers and manage rarety and conditions (combination)
  3. Generate your collection and metadata using our randomizer and valid
  4. Storage your collection on ipfs on one-click
  5. Manage your smart contract specification and deploy
  6. Choose and custom your nft minting website
  7. Custom your domain name and let your community mint
Nft maker lab

Create an NFT collection with our NFT maker

With our layer upload feature, the NFT maker allows you to quickly and easily upload your design layers and create an full NFT collection that meets your specifications. Our user-friendly NFT maker platform tool is perfect for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs who want to create and monetize their own NFT collections. Start creating your own NFT collection today and take advantage of our easy-to-use nft maker to make your vision a reality!

Our intuitive NFT maker platform tool makes it easy for anyone to create an NFT collection with specific rarity and condition management.

Generate an NFT collection from layer with NFT Maker

Create your traits layers

Upload layers – manage rarety

Create your NFT smart contract

Launch your own minting website

How to make NFT Artwork

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and NFT artwork refers to digital art that is authenticated and tracked using blockchain technology through the use of NFTs.

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